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Designer's Choice #1

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The Designer's Choice #1 series is designed thoughtfully with seasonal flowers. The colour and flower type combination is chosen and created with full of passion and joy. Each bouquet is unique and one of the kind. Limited quantity offer per day. Pre-order is recommended. 

Regular version:  15-18 stems 

Deluxe version: 22-25 stems

Ultra Deluxe version: 35-40 stems

Packaging: To Choose one of our 3 premium packaging methods. Wrapped with kraft paper, vase and floral box. 

Wrapped with kraft paper: Flowers will be wrapped with brown/cream kraft paper, the end of the bouquet is wrapped with a moist sponge to ensure hydration during delivery. 

Vase: Flowers are nicely arranged in a glass vase with water for hydration. 

Floral Box: Flowers are nicely arranged in the floral box/short vase with moist foam inside to keep the flowers hydrated. The colour and shape of the floral box/short vase will be picked to match the style of flower based on availability. 

Note: To allow these beautiful flowers to last much longer, they are shipped fresh, budding, and ready to bloom. They might not look like large blooms in the picture, however, they will be open big and nice like the blooms in pictures after 1-2 days.

Since flowers are a product of nature, therefore in some certain circumstances that we are unable to get the same colour/flower type base on availability. We will always try our best to we may substitute flowers for one similar in style, quality and value due to seasonal availability.